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    Flash Player update install/download stops at 2 of 3


      I've never had any problems in the past with installing/downloading Adobe Flash Player updates. Now I am. Why? I know Adobe Flash Player is installed on my computer, I've checked to make sure it is enabled and I have also disabled or unchecked the ActiveX filtering too. If I choose not to install Google Chrome for downloading the newest Flash Player update, does this cause the install/download to not complete and stop at 2 of 3 steps? I believe I have unchecked Google Chrome in the past with no issues, but not sure now. I usually have to go in uninstall Google Chrome because it always seems to mess with my Facebook page. So I no longer want Google Chrome installed on my computer because of this.

      The install/download never gets to this point so I can finish the install/download because stops at 2 of 3 steps :

      Any advise as to what to do now?