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    Problems Dragging & Dropping & Defining Y Axis

      I am new to Flash, but have taught myself quite a bit so far. Right now I am having a problem with dragging and dropping action script. What I want to do is have someone drag a pushpin graphic to a part of the screen. And depending upon where they drag it something will happen after they click a button. As far as I could figure out, in order for this to happen I need to know the X & Y coordinates of where I want the object to be. Here in lies the problem, I can not get the Y axis to respond correctly.

      When I set trace(mv_pushpin._y); in the begining of my code before anything gets moved I get a correct reading. however, as soon as I move it, and try and retrace it, it tells me that it is undefined. The X axis works perfectly and I can get updated readings as to where it is. But for the life of me, I can not understand why I can't get a good reading on the Y axis. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks