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    radio button (or check box) clicked populates text field

    milly mac

      (hope I have the right forum area since things have changed . . .)


      Hello everyone!  I need a script that will populate a text field when a radio button (or check box) is clicked.  The one I have been working with has not been successful and I'm not really good with javascript.  Specifically, I have several glossary terms that I will use with the buttons or boxes (one for each term) and if the button/box is chosen, then I need the definition of that glossary term to populate a text field.  I've got the script below on "change"and "initialize" events - this is for a check box.  My drop-dead deadline is April 3rd - will try something else if I can't get this to work.


      Any help/guidance VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!


      function ckbox {

      if (ckbox.rawValue==1){

      cobx.form.definition.value="This is the definition of the glossary term";

      } else {





      <input type="text" name="definition" />

      <input type="checkbox" name="Inquiry and Analysis" onclick="IAASWITCH(this)" />



      Thank you!