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    I get a BSOD while launching Adobe Indesign


      I am observing pool corruption while launching Adobe Indesign leading to BSOD.

      The corruption happens as the indesign process sends a create of a very large file path, probably the content of the file. It overrides the MS guidelines for having 260 characters in a file path.

      File path being accessed is below which is the content of the file while it should be just the name of the file with path.



      du 0xfffff8a0`09fb4000

      fffff8a0`09fb4000 "\\******************************"

      fffff8a0`09fb4040 "********************************"

      fffff8a0`09fb4080 "***********. *. * ADOBE CONFIDEN"

      fffff8a0`09fb40c0 "TIAL. * ___________________. *. "

      fffff8a0`09fb4100 "*  Copyright 2013 Adobe Systems "

      fffff8a0`09fb4140 "Incorporated. *  All Rights Rese"

      fffff8a0`09fb4180 "rved.. *. * NOTICE:  All informa"

      fffff8a0`09fb41c0  "tion contained herein is, and re"

      fffff8a0`09fb4200 "mains. * the property of Adobe S"

      fffff8a0`09fb4240 "ystems Incorporated and its supp"

      fffff8a0`09fb4280 "liers,. * if any.  The intellect"

      fffff8a0`09fb42c0 "ual and technical concepts conta"



      1: kd> du 0xfffff8a0`09fb4000+1000

      fffff8a0`09fb5000 "family since the family might di"

      fffff8a0`09fb5040 "ffer from the name we are storin"

      fffff8a0`09fb5080 "g. \this is espec"

      fffff8a0`09fb50c0 "ially true with international fo"

      fffff8a0`09fb5100 "nts. Some fonts are stored with "

      fffff8a0`09fb5140 "their name concatentated with th"

      fffff8a0`09fb5180  "e style so we. \t"

      fffff8a0`09fb51c0 "est an exact match of the name a"

      fffff8a0`09fb5200  "nd also the name concatenated wi"

      fffff8a0`09fb5240  "th the style just in case..     "

      fffff8a0`09fb5280 "           if ((allFonts[i].name"

      fffff8a0`09fb52c0  " === fontName && allFonts[i].sty"


      1: kd> du 0xfffff8a0`09fb4000+2000

      fffff8a0`09fb6000 "tion (picas) {.        return Ma"

      fffff8a0`09fb6040 "th.round(picas * 16);.    },.   "

      fffff8a0`09fb6080  " cmToPixels: function (cms) {.  "

      fffff8a0`09fb60c0 "      return Math.round(cms * 37"

      fffff8a0`09fb6100 ".79527559055);.    },.    inToPi"

      fffff8a0`09fb6140 "xels: function (inches) {.      "

      fffff8a0`09fb6180 "  return Math.round(inches * 96."

      fffff8a0`09fb61c0 "0000000000011);.    },.    mmToP"

      fffff8a0`09fb6200 "ixels: function (mm, resolution)"

      fffff8a0`09fb6240  " {.        var pt = mm * 2.83464"

      fffff8a0`09fb6280 "566929134;.        return $._ext"

      fffff8a0`09fb62c0 "_CORE.pointsToPixels(pt, resolut"