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    Indesign Blue Screen of Death BSOD after update


      Updated indesign cloud yesterday and computer is crashing BSOD after indesign launch. Had my partner launch indesign on his computer and his got the blue death as well. Every other cloud application working normally. Anyone else getting this?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Might need to update the video drivers. Was the BSOD up long enough to see what crashed?

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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            To be very clear, BSODs can only be triggered by one of two possibilities.


            The first is that privileged software, such as a low level device driver or even the operating system issues an illegal instruction or attempts to access non-existent memory or other hardware resource. Given that InDesign and its underlying graphics engine makes heavy use of the capabilities of your video graphics cards/processor, it may be triggering some bug in the video driver. Assuming that your partner's system has a similar configuration, you would be well advised to try Peter Spier's advice and ascertain whether there are any updated video drivers available for your system. Also, if you are using a system that attempts to conserve power by auto-switching between an integrated video circuit and a full-blown GPU-based video card (very typical of high end notebook systems) when graphically intense applications are encountered (such as the Adobe applications), you may want to force the system to use only the video card and not switch back and forth.


            The second trigger for BSODs is hardware issues ranging from memory problems, unrecoverable disk errors, video card hardware issues, etc. This is unlikely given that your partner is having the same exact issue.


            InDesign itself cannot cause a BSOD because it doesn't directly access the hardware and it is not running in privileged execution mode.


                        - Dov