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    Editing existing online help systems with RoboHelp

      First, I'm a bit of a novice... but:

      I'm trying to cutomize topics in the online help system included in the Microsoft CRM product (thus, tailoring the online help to match the customizations my organization has made to our copy of the product). Is there any way I can accomplish this in RoboHelp? I mean, I can import all of the individual HTML files, but I lose the TOC and any sort of structure to the overall help system (possibly XML files?). Plus, the files look a bit funny in the WYSIWYG, not sure why.

      Maybe it's simple, and I'm missing something. Maybe it's not possible... Not sure. If I could just pull the whole thing into RoboHelp, make my changes, add new topics, and re-generate, I would be so stoked!