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    Simple numbering of chapters in Indesign? Help!




      I am creating a type of a diary in Indesign, with 4 sections per spread. They should simply say "Day 1, Day 2" etc.

      This should be so easy to make by using some kind of automatic numbering, but I don't manage to.

      I'm kind of lost. 

      I would like to create a master with the text "Day"  + number marker,  repeated 4 times per spread and then just apply it on all my pages.



      1. Should I create a "book" or will a normal document work out as well?


      2. There seem to be a number of ways to do this, butI feel totally lost after googling around and trying out things for hours.

      Anyhow nothing works - my sections keep being stuck on "Day 1", nothing is automatically numbering itself. How should I do this?


      Please help me. I feel really stupid and quite frustrated.