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    How to start from a specific point on the timeline

    Acrylic Painter Level 1

      I have a horizontal list of image thumbnails, there are 21 thumbnails and only 7 are visible at one time and scrolls back and forth. It works fine.

      However, when I choose an image that is not in the first seven, say the 8th image, the page loads and the thumbnails goes back to the beginning images (undesirable). When the 8th image page is shown I would like the thumbnails to start at the eigth image, NOT from the beginning again.


      I had the animation positioned to the eight image for the start, with the first 7 off to the left and the second 7 off to the right. But when I saved and loaded it into the page, it just starts from the begining.


      How can I start the thumbnails from a specific desired position, such as the 8th image or the 15th image depending on the page?


      Thank you for any help.