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    Selectively trapping elements for cmyk output

    roger hodge

      Is it possible to deselect elements (such as a color bar) so they don't trap when printing the page?

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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          No, Indesign's trapping is based on inks, not objects. You can not select an object and modify a trap on a specific object. Keep in mind, to invoke trapping, you would need to print postscript, as opposed to exporting PDF. When printing ps, you can turn on trap for a composite or separated file using "Application Built-In" or "Adobe In-RIP" trap methods.

          Here's something you can do in Acrobat (depending on how complex the trap and how many times you would need to alter):

          Print composite postscript with trapping on.


          Open in Acrobat.

          Use the Edit Object Tool and select the overprinted objects that make up a trap, and delete them.

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            Daniel Flavin Level 4

            As I recall, my .eps color bars are exempt from trapping while my .ai version does trap.

            If the color bar were an image format it would certainly be exempt from trap. (Perhaps a 1200 dpi image.)