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    Find/change issue

    KrishnaGopa Level 1

      In versions of InDesign up to CS6, I could do something with find/change that doesn't seem to work anymore. I will try to describe it. Often, when working on a book, after the first proofreading pass, the editor will send me back page numbers to insert. In the original file I make, I use dummy text for all of these, putting 00 (2 zeros) and coloring them pink so they stand out and so that any other instance of 00 which is not a page number won't get selected. So when I need to do all the replacements, I can simply search for "00", followed by text color M100 in the find/change box. Here's where my problem lies: prior to CC, the first found instance of the 00 would be highlighted and I could just type in the correct number where the highlight was. Now that won't work, and InDesign wants me to type the correct number into the "change" field and then hit find next. It seems like a small thing, but it actually adds a ton of time when you have 200 or so instances to change. Can anyone help me here? Or did I used to have a plug-in that I've forgotten?

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          Same problem here. Works with CS6, the dialog in CS6 looks more like Apple GUI. In CC and CC2014 the GUI looks more like Adobes own.

          When searching for a word, that doesn't exist, the dialog pops up and after that the focus in the search box, doesn't mark the word.

          So we have to click search box again and type a new search. In CS 6 it did mark the search directly after the dialog.

          Very buggy.