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    LR5.7.1 does not recognize all files on SD or CF cards?


      I have been using LR 5.7.1 through creative cloud. Using LR since verison 1 ) Using a card reader to import, LR now does not recognize all of the files on either SD or CF cards. To get LR to see all of the files, I must close LR and sturn off comptuer and back on again. --then LR  might see all of the files on the cards.    The lats time, LR  saw the files,  I clocked "import" and LR make the smart previews BUT when started to make the regular previews I watched the previews turn black right before my eyes. Now I Have no files--they are all black. I quit LR and looked at the files in Finder--all of the files are black there too. What has hapened and what can I do to get my files back. I put the card back into the camera--and the files are not tiny and it says "unidentified files" on teh camera LCD screen. 

      . What can I do? I'