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    Flash Installation Failing


      Attempted to update the flash on my 15" Retina Macbook Pro running OS X 10.10 today, only to get the error "installation failed" which provides me a link to a support page. After extensive research on Adobe forums, I followed several pieces of advice for a fix with no avail. For example:


      I uninstalled the flash version I currently had, restarted my computer and attempted a new clean install as suggested by Adobe. Did not work.


      I've attempted to run an install using that backdoor method of "show package contents" and installing from there. Same error occurs.


      I've downloaded the .dmg file a few times incase I had something wrong with the download. I've restarted computer multiple times. Still nothing. Now I don't even have the previous version of flash installed on the computer, because the previous advice was to uninstall it altogether.


      Any new suggestions out there?