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    Assign 2+ mapIDs to single help topic?

      For web application, Help button goes to CSH topic (page help topic); from there, you can go to 2-pane with TOC. Some app pages share screenID but have different page names. I need to assign each of these pages to the same help topic, but Assign button isn't available on the Edit MapID dialog box. Logically, why can't 2 app pages link to the same CSH help topic?

      I tried combining 2 help topics into one, but that's no help. And, RH won't let me assign a page to a bookmark.

      Customers and QA consider it an error when you click HELP on a page, the Webhelp 2-pane window opens to the default topic. Yeah, maybe the pages in the products can be changed sometime, but until then, how can I assign these app pages to their help topic?