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    code for button is affecting the entire movie

      The following code is on the timeline and the button instance, cancelMC, is also on the same timeline in a different layer and appears 4 times throughout the timeline. I've asked this question (worded differently) at kirupa and the post has gone ignored for some reason - maybe the title is too long or something. The code tells the button, onRelease, to "gotoAndStop(1)" however, if you click anywhere on the interface it does that. This is what would have happened if I had put on the timeline "this.gotoAndStop(1)." But I did not type that as you can see:
      onRollOver = function(){
      onRollOut = function(){
      onRelease = onReleaseOutside = function(){

      Notice it says "this.cancelMC"? That is the button. Someone please help with this - I am at a loss and have tried everything to make it work.