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    toward an outlook bar

      I am trying to build a menu system that operates a little like an accordion, with the difference that one can have multiple open (possibly nested) submenus at a time (viz OutlookBar). Is there a clean way of making a container & its contents not only disappear, but also not take up any space? I have played with the visible property, and also the width & height, and have have good success making a container deployed beneath a toggle button in a VBox disappear and appear again (by setting h&w to zero and back to saved values). I am currently unable to initialize the menu to a collapsed state, because the width/height values are still zero when I attempt to take a save them within an initialize handler for the custom component. So.. I am wondering 1) if there is a better way to approach this problem or 2) if there is a way I can initialize after layout is complete.