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    Rolling back to RoboHelp 2002

    John BW Level 1

      I'm trying to install RoboHelp 2002 on a new computer that had RoboHelp X5 on it. I've uninstalled X5. When I insert the RH 2002 CD, setup.exe does not automatically run - nor does it run when I double-click on it. However, if I insert the CD on an old computer that has never has RH X5 on it, the setup.exe program runs without a problem.

      To check for problems with the CD drive, I mapped a drive from the new computer (that had X5 on it) to the CD drive on the old computer. No dice - I still can't run the RH 2002 setup.exe program on the new computer that had X5 installed on it.

      Is some piece of the RH X5 program still on the new computer, and preventing the RH 2002 setup program from running?

      (I want to go back to RH 2002 because I use a home-grown process to author in FrameMaker, then import into RH to create the HTML help -- and the result of importing the MIF files with RH X5 is slightly different from the way RH 2002 does it. I don't have time to fix the problems right now, which is why I want to go back to RH 2002.)

      John B.