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    DataGrid Refresh

      Dear All,

      I have a DataGrid getting it's data throught an HTTPService. Feeding the data works without problem, but refreshing it doesn't work immediately. When I execute my HTTPService again, the data is not updated before 1 or 2 minutes.

      The suggested methods I found in the forums (Pragma No-Cache & random URL parameter to fool the cache) didn't work for me :-{

      My templates (CF) provide immediately the right updated data, so I believe the problem is in Flash's caching. Right ?
      Would there be a compile directive to keep Flash from caching some queries ?

      Also, I do not use the FDS so far. Would that be the solution to my problem ?

      Thanks very much for your kind help,


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          peterent Level 2
          It isn't a cache problem. Sounds more like it is how you are updating your data once it arrives. What's the ActionScript look like or are you using data-binding with the event.result.lastResult ?
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            ChrisDut Level 1
            INTERESTING UPDATE (?)

            Just found out that my application was working perfectly fine ... with Firefox !
            It is MS-IE7 which is not refreshing HTTPServices ressources correctly :-{

            Hope this can help someone save hours one day.
            Have a nice day,

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              We are experiencing a very similar problem where our application works with Firefox, but not with IE. The swf loads in both cases, but the web services (SOAP) are never called from IE. How did you fix this problem Chris?