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    Mixed X5 and v6 environment?

      My company is currently using RoboHelp X5. Not all parts of the company want to upgrade to version 6 right away.

      Can you use these two versions together? Can X5 project files be used in v6, and vice versa?

        • 1. Mixed X5 and v6 environment?
          CraigCC Level 2
          Well, you can run the two version on the same machine with caution (it is obviously not recommended).

          However, personally I would not recommend switching between version and source files in the two versions. Hopefully someone else will pop up if there is a way around this, but my guess is that it will be fiddly and you risk getting in a right muddle as the underlying database has been updated for Robohelp 6 along with lots of additional features.

          Once you have updated your source files to Robohelp 6 it is best to edit manage the files in Robohelp 6. That's my take.