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    How to fill tree from xml

      I have been working for more than a week trying to build a tree from this xml file::

      +<IOFolder id="10" parentid="0" type="FILTERFOLDER" name="root">

      +<IOFolder id="1011" parentid="10" type="FILTER" name="All char">

      +<IOFolder id="1003" parentid="10" type="FILTER" name="All doc">

      +<IOFolder id="1035" parentid="1003" type="FILTER" name="doc1">

      and on it goes..................................

      Is it possible just using the just parentid to se were in the tree the xmlnode should be?? Or do is it a must to use a xmllist with childnodes to feed the tree?? And if so how can a convert this xml into a xmllist??

      Please help me!!!!!