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    Embedding fonts into a component

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      I have this weird issue where I am using a component (slideshowpro) and
      have it set to embed the font, but it is not doing it. I am wondering if
      there is anything else I can or if there might be a trick. Can I embed a
      font into the movie? I think I have done this before... Maybe that will
      do it?

      Thanks for any help with this!
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          Peter Lorent Level 2
          Open the library panel. Click on the button in the upper right corner of the panel to toggle open the library menu. Select 'New Font'. A new dialog window named “Font Symbol Properties” will appear. Click the double-arrow button to the right of the “Font:” field in the Font Symbol Properties dialog. Select the name of the font. Then, give your font a simple name in the “Name:” field. Leave all the other options alone. Click OK.

          Now Brian, this comes directly from the SSP_User_Guide.pdf included with the distribution of SlideShowPro...