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    setPref() instead of FileIO

      I've just found out from a friendly source in the basics forum that FileIO doesn't work when I shockwave my movies.

      The suggestion was to use setPref(). Having just had a look at this method, it doesn't seem to have the control that I want. I have my movie set up so that each user can register and then record their progress in a text file .... there could be many of these if there are a lot of users, I need to be able to file them.

      Has anyone got any other idea of how I can get FileIO to work ... or another way of recording lists in text files, ..or... where I can find more information about setPref() - I've only found the instructions and demo movie that came with Director. (When I try the demo movie, I can't find where the saved file has been saved .. it is NOT in the same directory)