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    Duplicating movie clip AS ... and assigning a different button to each clone

      hi everybody...

      At the moment I am working on a navigation system for a project and have encountered the following problem


      mcPos = new Array();
      for (i=0; i<24; i++) {
      duplicateMovieClip("mc", "mc"+i, i);
      eval(eval("mc"+i)+".d") = i*15;
      mc._visible = false;
      fscommand("allowscale", "false");

      this code is duplicating the the movie clip "mc" however within the movie clip there is a button.
      Since it is a navigation I need a different button for each clone. anyone have any ideas about how
      to assign a different button to each clone`??

      Any ideas ??? I am totally lost and a newbee in AS. thanks ;-D