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    Turn off Sprite's Availability

      Hello, I am creating a project right now that goes something like this.

      There is a series of images that you can roll over and they get bigger as you roll over them, and get smaller as you roll off of them. When you click on one, that image gets larger, and there are 3 other images that enlarge as well, to show a "connection" between related images. What I want to do, is write a Lingo script that says, if this image was clicked, the other three images get larger, but the remaining images that did not enlarge, now, cannot have any type of enlarging effect happen even if the mouse rolls over them.

      I think basically its something that would say, if this "event" happens, then this "event" cannot happen. Keep in mind there is approximately 91 images that will have this "connections" interaction. I have written a Lingo script that looks like this....I'm hoping someone could give me some type of information. Thanks.

      property pShrink

      on beginSprite me
      pShrink=0 --set it to not shrink when it starts up

      on mouseEnter me
      sprite(11).blend = 100
      sprite(11).height = 95
      sprite(11).width = 100
      sprite(10).blend = 100
      sprite(2).blend = 50

      on mouseLeave me
      pShrink=1 --start shrinking now

      on mouseUp me
      sprite("1_Image").blend = 100
      sprite("Close").blend = 100
      sprite("Start Over").blend = 100
      sprite("Close Text").blend = 100
      sprite("Japan One").height = 95
      sprite("Japan One").width = 100
      sprite("Japan One").blend = 100
      sprite("Japan One Highlight").blend = 100
      sprite("Decorative Arts 5").height = 95
      sprite("Decorative Arts 5").width = 100
      sprite("Decorative Arts 5").blend = 100
      sprite("Decorative Arts 5 Highlight").blend = 100
      sprite("Hollyhock").height = 95
      sprite("Hollyhock").width = 100
      sprite("Hollyhock").blend = 100
      sprite("Hollyhock Highlight").blend = 100

      on enterFrame me
      if pShrink=1 then
      if sprite(11).width>70 then
      pShrink=0 --now it will stop shrinking
      end if
      end if