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    Need some good advices please

    Level 7

      I am new to Flex 2, and also in AS 3.
      I've tried Flex 1.5 for about two years ago, but it was too hard for me(didn't
      knew very much of AS2)...
      So now, after five years of programming in Flash and about three years of
      programming in ActionScript 2, I've decided to try Flex again.

      So... because I'm new to AS 3 and Flex, I'm asking you for help and advices...

      OK... here is my first site in Flex:

      At this time I'm having problems with Error 1009...
      ...some containers can't get data from xml file in the right time...

      PS: some names of variables are in slovenian language, so sorry for that.

      Thanks in advance!