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    Embedding Images In cfgrid

      Question re: embedding images within cfgrid.

      Based on what I've read so far, it seems the only way to embed am image within a cfgrid is by pulling image URL info from a database. My question is can this be done without referring to a database at all and just include the path info to the image directory location?

      I am running into some difficulty where I would like to notify the user of the state of his/her item - i.e. an item that is flagged as "New", "Requires Attention" or "Overdue" based on the timestamp.

      Essentially, I am displaying a user's work queue in a grid and need to implement the aforementioned "flag" feature using images to indicate the current state. Ideally, I would like the image to display in a separate column by itself, but that is impossible since the header column must use an existing db table. I guess this leads to another question: can an image be placed into the same cell with actual data? BTW, the status for these items are not maintained in a db table either.

      Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated.