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    Masking in FLEX 2

    Shawn Makinson
      I am trying to use an embedded swf to mask out a a container in flex. It seems to work, but I have a couple of issues I wondered if someone might have an answer for.

      1. Text seems to be masked by the bounding box of the swf rather than the actual shape. What is causing this? Is it something in the class used when its embedded?

      2. If I put x and y coordinates in the Image tag that displays the embedded swf, text is no longer masked at all, but the container is fine. How would I position this properly and still be able to mask text?

      Am I going about this all wrong? I am hoping to mix the worlds of old school flash and the nice layout management, etc in Flex 2. Thanks for any help provided!

      I have another question about this stuff that I think I should post separately, so if you helped here, please look at my next post too.