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    Resize photo for facebook cover page


      Hi - I've followed step-by-step instructions in Lightroom to resize a photo for a facebook cover page. It's not working.  In simple terms, I want to shrink the photo so that it fits the facebook cover page size.  Can anyone help?  Thanks

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Select your image thumbnail in the library and from the top menu choose:

          Photo >> Create Virtual Copy


          With the virtual copy selected (highlighted) click Develop


          Click on the crop overlay or press R on the keyboard


          Click on the dropdown menu to the left of the padlock and choose Enter Custom


          In the dialog box enter 8.51 x 3.15 for the aspect ratio and click OK


          Drag with the hand tool in the center of your image and move it into the best position for your Facbook Cover; then click Done


          Go back to the Library and click the export button, bottom left.


          Click the choose button to select a folder on your hard drive where you want the jpeg saved


          Scroll down to File settings and choose:



          Quality Slider 49 (this will keep compression  low for fast loading on your facebook page)


          Scroll down to  Image Sizing and check Resize to Fit

          Choose: Width & Height and enter

          W 851 H 315 and choose pixels from the dropdown menu

          Enter 72 for resolution and choose pixels per inch from the dropdown


          Scroll down to Output Sharpening and check the box Sharpen For

          Chose Screen from the dropdown and Standard


          Scroll down to Post Processing and choose Do nothing – next to After Export


          Click the Export Button


          When the export has finished (see progress bar top left) go to your folder to find your cover pic.