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    Touch Screen Events

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      i may be developing for kiosks with touch screens soon and need to know which events i can capture.

      i imagine i just use mouse events but don't know the intricacies. for instance, are there usually cursors in touch screen apps? if so what if the cursor is over a button and the users wants to move the cursor but not click the button - how would they touch the screen and drag the cursor without triggering a click on the button?

      if anyone knows a resource for programming director specifically for touch screens please let me know.

      thanx in advance.

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          Touch screens can respond to the same mouse events as a regular application
          except the user experience is different so different events are usually employed.
          For example a mouseUp works - it means put your finger on the screen then lift it
          off. While a mouseUp may work fine in regular applications, mouseDown is
          generally used for touchscreen buttons.

          Typically kiosks have the cursor turned off. However, if it was on, and you put
          your finger on the screen and moved it around, the cursor would follow it. If you
          were putting your finger over a scrollbar, you could slide it up or down. In a
          touch screen, there's no way to move a cursor without activating a mouseDown

          Hope that helps.


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            Just to reinforce some of what Dean said, there’s not much need for rollovers because people don’t usually drag their fingers across the screen, they poke at it (a mouseDown event) and that’s about it. You can turn off the cursor in lingo but every touch screen I’ve seen includes a driver with the option to turn the cursor off from a control panel. It’s much better to turn the cursor off at the system level (through the control panel) rather than letting lingo do it, the OS often overrides lingo and turns the cursor back on when you don’t want it. Other than that, most of the design is similar to any other, just keep in mind the buttons need to be big (fingers are a blunt pointing device) and remember that people will probably walk away from the kiosk while it’s playing, so you’ll need to use timeouts or something similar if the user doesn’t respond in a reasonable period of time.
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              thanx for the advice, i appreciate the input. i've not been on the user side of the touch screen equation... i need to get my butt out and use a few to get the feel of it.
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                Touch screens are really fun to work on. Think thru the process, remebering to show the user where they can go, no mouse or cursor.

                I have always used the cursor 200 / 0 lingo to turn the cursor on and off and not had any problems.

                Keep the Buttons a good size and not too close together, and
                You do NOT want your kiosk falling over cause you forgot to check a script
                Also check the hardware settings, power, hibination, screen savers wake on lan...