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    Advantages of Flex?

      Just bought a copy of FlexBuilder, and started some tutorials. But I have a question.

      I program applications in Flash for a living. So I already have my own library of Flash classes to handle combos, scrollbars, tables, text formatters, graphs, color pickers, and even structure charts and stuff, that I can just drop into applications when I write them.

      From what I have seen, Flex just seems to be a way to sew together Flash components which are already available in Flash anyway - so

      1. Does Flex actually do stuff that you can't do directly in Flash?
      2. Is there any advantage for me in using it, instead of continuing to build applications in Flash using my own UI classes?
      3. Does the security model in Flex still prevent cross-domain communication, and being able to communicate between desktop and web?

      I'm really hoping that Flex will turn out to make more stuff possible, so thanks for any info you can give me.
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          ur_dtrain Level 1
          Basically the biggest benefit between Flash and Flex is the time saved by using the pre-built components. If you've already built your own library, you probably wont see as much benefit, but from the perspective of starting from scratch, using Flex saves the overhead of having to re-invent the wheel to re-produce fairly standard functionality. The other aspect is that you have much more freedom in Flash, at the cost of having the explicitly define all behaviors.