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    Once and for All ---- Please

    halodev Level 1
      Hello all,

      I have used CF for several years now and bought Flex as soon as it was released. In my process of understanding how Flex handled Remote objects for CF I decided to use the CF Builder wizard for Flex that creates all kinds of nice CFC's and stuff for me to connect to a database and CRUD the data within. Ok all fine and dandy on the local machine, works great, I am impressed! That is until I try to upload the app to my Shared Server (HMS) and I get all kinds of cryptic error messages like:

      (mx:rpc:Fault)#0 error id = 0
      faultCode ='Client.Error.MessageSend"
      faultDetail = "Channel.Connect.Failed error
      NetConnection.Call.Failed :HTTP:Status 500"
      faultString = "Send Failed"
      message = "faultCode.Client.Error.MessageSend faultString:'Send Failed'
      faultDetail:'Channel.Connect.Failed error
      NetConnection.CallFailed: HTTP: Status 500" name = "Error"
      rootCause = (Object)#1
      code = NetConnection.Call.Failed"
      description = "HTTP: Status 500"
      details = " http://www.MYDOMIAN.com/flex2gateway/" level = "error"

      So I have read the DOCs and read all the blogs I can find on the subject but no one can clearly answer as to why I can not make this work on a Shared Server if I can make it work on my local box, Heck I can even tap into the MySQL database on the Shared Server via the Flex builder. I use HostMySite.com with the CF package if that helps.

      If it is just a matter of something on my hosts end I need them to configure for me that would be nice to know, or if I simply can't use Flex and CF together on a Shared Server all together. That would be nice to know. But for all the hype Flex is getting and how easy it supposed to be to create an app with CF, I am wondering why someone can not answer this question once and for all. I know others have posted to this and many other forums asking the same things I am. Is it too much to ask one of the Flex Gurru's of Adobe, or anywhere else for that matter to help us out?

      Not everyones wants to run their own server and I would think that Adobe would have kept that in mind when creating Flex, and how it would run on shared servers.

      So please if anyone can help understand this please let me know.

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          cheftimo Level 2

          I made a CF/Flex site based on the Flexstore sample app, using a database instead of XML as the data source; in case you want to see it: http://www.timos.com/dg/flex/DilemmaGames.html

          At first I had troubles similar to what you describe; initially, part of the problem was that my hosting company had not yet upgraded to CF 7.02. One other thing I had to correct: when you upload to your server, upload the entire ‘bin’ (or whatever your output folder is) minus the debug SWF.

          If it would help with other issues, contact me and I will be glad to make my project code available to you. Good luck.


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            halodev Level 1

            first thanks for replying to my post.

            My host is using CF 7.0.2 so I am sure that is not the probelm, I also made sure that Flash remoting was enabled, so thats not the problem.

            I tried your suggestion and removed the main-debug.swf file from my bin folder and still get error messages.

            I am wondering if you needed any other info from your host to get this to work for you.

            I have been told that I need to edit my services-config.xml file with the CF Server name and port for the shared server I am on. Not sure how I would get that info because I would not think my host would provide that to me but I am just guessing right now because I have never thought to ask until now.

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              cheftimo Level 2

              When I had my problems, I didn't have to touch the confi.XML file to fix them, and I initially was working in my localhost too. So I don't know.

              I only did the Flexstore-like site as a study project; it's not and actual project for any client, so i don't mind sharing it. It might be a good idea for you to check out the code just for comparison with yours; if you wish, send me an e-mail address and I will send you my mxml file(s).