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    Weird behavior when resizing movie clips

      Hello everybody,

      Been trying for some days now to create a menu system in flash for a project of mine and I came across some issues that shouldn't be there...The goal is to have a menu where menu items resize when rolledover to reveal the actual choices of each menu item. So after a couple of days of thinking and trying, something really unexpected happened. I've created a component to act as the menuitem holder, which is composed of two dynamic text areas. The first is the title of the menuitem,which remains unchanged, and the second is the area where I want some html links to appear. The second is the area where I want it to be visible only when rolledover. So I thought that if by actionscript I set the height of the area to 0 when loaded, when rolled over I will set it to a higher value and it would seem that it rolls down from the menu title. Here's the funny part...it won't do it!! If I set the initial height to,let's say, 50px, then it will resize only up to that value nomatter what the set _height is. Can someone explain why this is happening? It's seems like a bug to me. Any help would be appreciated...Thanks!!