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    Button in tab index loses focus

      I have 5 text input fields and a submit button all defined by a tab index and it works perfectly but when tabbing to the submit button (last in the index), the button highlights/focuses and then loses focus after a second or two. Tabbing still works though and you can cycle though the index over and over without a problem. I've also noticed that if you've cycled though 2 or 3 times that the submit button's focus remains a few seconds longer than it did the first time it was enabled but still loses focus.

      If anyone has some thoughts on this I'd really appreciate your input.

      Take care,
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          the function of the tab key is not the same in the "test movie" environment as it is in the regular Flash Player environment. I only tried to implement tab key functionality once and gave up on it, but it was confusing. I know that the Tab key is used to assist people with disabilities and so its functionality is built into the player (I believe all interactive content in Flash movies can be selected and cycled through with the tab key).