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    Two Macs, same document, but one cant identify fonts?


      Hey there!


      Im workin on my workin place with InDesign CC. At home, my laptop is workin with InDesign CS6. My laptop is a new mac book pro. My working station is a mac-desktop.


      Now, the problem:

      I took the fonts from the mac-desktop and ive installed them on my mac book pro. Ive saved some sample-sites to work with them on my macbook pro. but now, after workin on it, i sent it back to my working-station and there some fonts coould be identified. Why?


      Ive seen that, after clicking on the red spaces, that it is written "Gotham Narrow TT", where on my macbook, the same isnt written. There stands just "Gotham Narrow". But that cant be the problem, cause its absolutely the same font. i mean, ive copied it from the main station...!?


      So, what can i do now? Same font, zwo macs, but they cant handle together!?!?


      Please be carefull with the language. Im swiss, so maybee i dont understand some technical language, even i speak not that bad...


      Greetings and thank you very much.