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    Using Music Fonts

      Hello, hopefully someone can help me out.

      I am importing MIF files into a RoboHelp HTML project with general success, but I'm having one problem. The music characters, which look fine in the WYSIWYG editor convert to a text font after compiling to FlashHelp. (The music font I am using will be installed on the user's machine).

      Is there any way to prevent my music characters from converting to standard text when I compile?

      Thanks for your help,
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          I'm not familair with FlashHelp (perhaps you should post in the FlashHelp forum, though people don't like cross posts). However, when using an unusual font, I found that in HTMLHelp it always worked when I would add the font to baggage. Perhaps FlashHelp has a similar function - an ability to compile a font into the help itself. This was also easier than installing it on the end users machine - though I suppose you might need to do that anyway for the application.

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            MarkAJohnson Level 1

            I added the font to baggage then compiled to Microsoft HTML and it worked. However, it still doesn't work for WebHelp or FlashHelp - I'll see what the FlashHelp folks have to say.

            Thanks for your help,