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    flash newbie

      I have a "cloud" shape and I want it to have paint streaks that slowly stretch down from it when the mouse scrolls over it. Then, when the mouse goes off of the cloud shape, the streaks retract back into the cloud.

      I have an animation on the stage that starts out with just the cloud, then 20 frames later, the streaks stretch out and reach their furthest point, then 20 frames later they go back in the cloud. I have each streak on it's own individual layer.

      I was able to make a button where, when you scroll over, it goes from cloud to cloud with full streaks, (no stretch animation).

      So I think I need some action script that when I mouse over the cloud, it tells each individual streak layer to stretch. I don't know if it would be easier if I made all of the streaks on one layer.

      Can anyone help? I am new to flash so if you can explain it like I am 2 years-old (minus the baby talk) that would help.