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    X6 Output Window Size

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      Hello, there, everyone!

      Am considering upgrading from X5 to either x6 or Flare within our company. I use Flare at home and am able to adjust the size of the help window for the output, but have never been able to find a way to do that in X5. Does the feature exist in either version of RoboHelp? We have some smaller applications we're launching and I don't want the help window to open full-screen... I want to dictate the output to default to a certain size without it being a .chm file.

      Any input is greatly appreciated!


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          I also have X5 and have produced both WinHelp and Microsoft HTML Help. You did not specify your output, but there is an option from Project view in both help formats by which you can open Windows and adjust the placement and size of the help window. From WinHelp, click the Project tab at the bottom left of your screen. Then, from the list of options on the left of your screen, click Project, Windows, Main (by default) to open a window in which you can rename the window, establish which window/s open, background color, position and size, etc. From RoboHelp HTML, you can click Windows in the list of options at the left of your screen and follow a similar procedure. Hope this helps. Regards.