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    External variable


      I have a hard time finding help on what I'm looking for (sorry for my english this is a second language for me)
      I'm really not a programmer so I will try to explain waht I need as clearly as possible:

      I have a Flash (index.swf) that loads differents Flash (6 swfs) with 3 buttons. It's a scientific web site on the brain Called "Le cerveau à tous les niveaux"...and it uses three different levels of explanation (beginner, intermedaite and advanced) to talk about different aspect of the brain...There is 12 different subject on the brain you can read on for each level..

      When you click on a subject, it goes to a basic HTML page.

      But my problem is that when you are on this HTML page and you whant to go back by either pressing the Back button or clicking on the "Back to main topics" that appears on every page, you will always go back on the beginners page by default even if you were on the intermediate or advanced page......

      Is there a way to set an external variable that will remember on wich level (example "intermediate") when I press the BACK button???
      I assume that the answer is yes but can anyone explain to me how to do this??