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    Adobe Draw performance issues - iPad 4th gen 32gb v8.2


      I'm wondering if anyone can help me troubleshoot my performance issues with Illustrator Draw. I'll be working on a drawing and at some point things will start to lag and eventually grind to a halt. Zooming results in about 15-20 seconds of lag while it redraws, recoloring by tap-hold is similar, and drawing eventually becomes impossible.


      I'm not working with HUGE illustrations, or anything super complicated (indeed, the examples Adobe uses to showcase the product seem very complex, which is what I'd LOVE to be able to do). Usually 2-3 color, probably 4-5 layers, no transparencies. I saw the issue with Ideas from time to time, but it seems much worse with Draw. Occasionally the lag will lead to a crash, usually associated with losing everything I've done for an hour or more. Does anyone in the community (or hopefully Adobe) have any suggestions as to why this might be the case?