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    MMS.CFG Encoding


      I was wondering how important the Encoding was for the mms.cfg configution file.  The Admin Guide recommends UTF-8 or UTF-16.  It has also been stated that the mms.cfg can be over-written and set to the default settings when Flash Player is uninstalled.  I have noticed that when this happens and there is an uninstall of a non MSI installed version of Flash Player (EXE) the mms.cfg file is found re-written in the ANSI encoding format and not UTF-8.

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          pwillener Level 8

          I do not know why it is recommended/required to save the mms.cfg file in Unicode format; all the data are purely ASCII characters.


          So if you observed that the file is saved as ANSI by the MSI installer, and that the setting work, then I wouldn't worry about it.


          But it would be interesting to hear a comment from the Flash Player team.