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    How do i fix a file where relinking or updating file is too slow and generating 60+MB pdf from a 4mb Indesign file?


      I have an 18 page files linking several pdf images and working with this file is horribly slow.  These pdf images(total of 15) easily take a min to relink or update (pdf's are at max 2mb but majority are less than 1mb).  The Indesign file is only 4mb but when i export or print to pdf I get a 60-70mb file. Exporting or printing these 18 pages easily takes 30 min.  I can't use the file with a higher display quality unless i have the patience of watching a plant grow on that day. I've read a majority of ways why InDesign would be slow. At work im operating Windows 7, Indesign 6 and I have 32MB of RAM.  Extremely frustrating and reminding me of the days of dial up internet.  I've already done a SAVE AS and tried to reduce linked files image size and to no avail has not helped.  I was able to get my 72mb pdf file to reduce to 6mb after using Adobe Acrobat and getting rid of the hidden information but I lose alot of quality in the linework.  I am guessing its because these pdfs are generated from Revit or Autocad is why it might be holding onto some hidden info. So how do i make this file work faster (relink,export,pdf etc)?