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    My indesign document won't open and is now only 0KB

    The Sum

      On page 350 something of a book I'm working on, I had to leave the office, so I turned off the computer.


      When I turned the computer back on it performed a scan of sorts saying it wanted to check for corrupted files (I think - I didn't pay it much mind, just let it do its thing). I left the scan going paying little attention. It finished itself and the computer booted up (no message of finding any problems). The file I was working on will now not open and reads as being 0KB in size.


      Does InDesign not keep a backup of a file anywhere? I've tried looking in C:/User/(User name)/AppData/Local but then there is no Adobe folder for me to look in for a recovery file.


      Please can anyone suggest something, I've lost about 8 weeks of work on this bloody maths book which was just about finished.