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    Edge Animate 2015 update

    lj.bl Level 1

      When will the next version of Edge Animate be released and what new features will be included?

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Hi Leo,


          The announcement on updates can be done only by the project management team. They do it when the product is ready for release, and the announcement is made on the Edge Animate blog, and on this forum as well.




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            hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP


            --------- my answer became ignored, so I deleted it ---------


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              cyboolo Level 1



              About these interesting answers, I would just like to say:


              - Edge Animate Blog: Last publication posted on january 2015... I have sent a message to Santa Claus and hope there will be some good news for christmas.

              - I wanted to create an animation with edge animate to show how the post frequency evolves with time starting from 2011 to 2015. But I can't because Edge Animate is not working with Yosemite. I asked on this forum to have some support but I still don't have solved this issue.

              - About interesting proposals for updating and mapping: Please, try to make edge animate just working with Yosemite, that would be great. I am waiting for 1 more month to see  and then I change and I quit Adobe because I pay 99 euros / month and I can't use edge animate anymore !!! Shame on Adobe. I am thinking about Animatron or Hype... because it works with Yosemite, even if you have Dropbox and Chrome installed