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    Move media to new location?

    Stavros F. Level 1

      I use PSE9+PRE9 with Mac (OS X 10.10.2). I organize my footage using Adobe Elements Organizer, but I have all footage on a folder in an external HDD. I would like to move this folder in my internal HDD. Is there a way to inform Organizer of this change, without having to do it for each footage?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Stavros F


          Keeping in mind that I am strictly an Elements Windows user, the following is how I would do this task in Elements Organizer 9.

          Please review and consider to determine if the following would be applicable to your Elements Organizer 9 Mac.


          Given you have your files in a folder on an external hard drive, and the files in that folder were previously imported into Elements Organizer 9

          from there.


          1. Copy the content of the folder to the new location on the internal hard drive.


          2. Delete the folder that was on the external hard drive. (As safety net, transfer the original external hard drive folder to a USB flash drive or some other

          removable device) to get it off the computer.


          3. Open the Elements Organizer 9. Go to File Menu/Reconnect, and let the program do the reconnecting.


          In this type of situation, you cannot use File Menu/"Copy/Move to Removable Disk" because that is going in the wrong

          direction for you.


          What might be a good idea is to get a second opinion from the Elements Organizer Mac users in the Adobe Photoshop Elements

          Forum. The above works for me using Elements Organizer 9 Windows 7 64 bit.

          Photoshop Elements


          Please let us know the outcome.






          Add On....Elements Organizer Help | Troubleshooting catalog issues

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            Stavros F. Level 1

            Well, I did this: from the almost 2000 footage media files I have, this worked for almost 75% of them. For the other 25% I had to reconnect manually, one file per time! Also, I had some difficulties with footage that was split into more than one scenes from Organizer, but in the end I solved all the problems.


            Thank you ATR for your advice!

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Stavros F


              Thanks for the follow up with the great news that your Elements Organizer reconnect situation is resolved. Great job.


              Best wishes