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    trouble with after effects map and geotagging cities using "locations" plugin

    ninose11 Level 1

      Question for anyone who uses the After Effects Locations plugin to add location based data to After Effects maps. I just downloaded (and watched the tutorial) "Locations" plugin from this page: Locations


      In his tutorial, the "Locations" designer (Fabian) explains how to use gpsvisualizer's geocoder to obtain lat/log coordinates for a bunch of cities. The problem is that Google won't allow me to obtain more than one city's lat/long coordinates at a time. Google says I need an "API key" to obtain more than one city's coordinates.


      I also need to know if Locations will work with any world map? Any help would be much appreciated.

      I've had no luck so far using "Locations" after downloading an equirectangular (2000 x 1000 pixel) map from wikipedia:

      Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 5.22.21 PM.png

      Basically all the cities are way way off on the world map, even though I have the correct lat/long coordinates for those cities.
      Le Havre for example is in Normandy and on the map it's not even showing up in France.  So everything is wrong.