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    Barcode issues


      I have a CSV file that was provided to me by a mail house.  I need to digitally print a postcard with a postal barcode and a product barcode using a Code 39 barcode.  The barcode has 14 digits.   However, when I put the start/stop characters in the cell and save it as a CSV file, it loses the leading zeros that are in the file.  The barcode seems to scan properly but my client say the leading zeros need to print.  I spent several hours online with the barcode font provider with no success. Any suggestions.

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          Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

          I'm guessing you're using the code 39 font where the * character is the start/stop tag. If this is the case, DON'T change the csv file that the client gave you (if that already contains the leading zeroes). Instead, put them before and after the field code in InDesign e.g.




          by putting the database back into excel to add the start/stop characters, excel sees those leading zeroes and says "I don't think those should be here" and removes them.