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    How to type selected pages in the Print dialog box

    ceilr Level 1



      I am using ID5 with Windows 7.


      I need to provide sample pages on my web site of a book I wrote.


      I pressed Ctrl-E, named the file, chose Adobe .pdf (Print), and then typed in all the pages:

      Sec.1:1, ii-vii, Sec2:1, Sec2:20-23, Sec2:51, Sec2:72, Sec2:92, Sec2:100, Sec2:102, Sec2:116, Sec2:121, Sec2:150-156


      These are an EXACT match to what's in the Pages panel, yet ID will not make the .pdf!  I have tried typing the pages both with and without spaces in between, but am getting nowhere.


      NOTE: The first entry correctly includes a period, unlike any of the other entries.  The second entry correctly omits a section number, and the last page is indeed 156.


      Can anyone see what I've done wrong?


      I noticed today that site visitors are looking for this .pdf, which wasn't stored in my Media area as I thought, so I've got to get this done pronto because I'm losing sales!


      Thank you!