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    InDesign CS5 broken


      I'm not sure  how I broke InDesign CS5 but it is really limping. 


      Symptom: Tools in the toolbar or options in the option bar are oblivious to mouse clicks to select them, though sometimes I can use menu items to do the same thing. 


      I can click and select some tools but not others, some times and not others, and it's different every time.  It's as if most of the interface is oblivious to mouse clicks, and my mouse is working perfectly in other apps, particularly Photoshop, Bridge, etc.  Some tools that won't select with a mouse click might respond to keyboard shortcuts.


      Here is how I have attempted to remedy this:


      I tried several files to make sure that file corruption was not the problem. This happens no matter which file I open.

      I started InDesign pressing  CTL+ALT+Shift to reset the Preferences but this did not help.   


      Is there another initialization file I could reset or delete?  I recall I had wonky behavior in Lightroom which was solved when I was advised to delete some file ... is there a similar trick for InDesign?


      I would be willing, but loathe to reinstall, because  my installation files install the entire CS5 suite and I'm afraid it would wipe out all my Photoshop preferences, resources, add-ons, etc,  Does anyone know how to reinstall ID CS5 without reinstalling the whole enchilada?


      I'd so appreciate any advice y'all might have for me. 


      Thanks so much,