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    How to install missing references


      Im using a template I found on youtube that was made in March 4, 2015 Free 3D Intro #41 | Green Colorful Synced Wings Intro Template - YouTube and I went to open up the after effects part ( because it came with a folder with premade template for Cinema 4D and after effects, and when i opened it i got this message:


      ( This project contains 9 references to missing effects. Please install the following effects to restore these references.("S_TVDamage","S_ZDefocus","S_Shake","Looks","S_Glow","S_ChannelSwitcher","Par ticular")


      I want to know how to fix this so that i am able to carry on with the tutorial of the video. I am using After Effects CC 2014. Please tell me how to download these missing effects!