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    Vertical rules in gutter

    CocoFormula Level 1

      I've been trying to add vertical rules in the gutter of the columns. Of course, this also causes awkward spacing issues between the columns separated by vertical rules. I'm trying to do one of those newspaper type of divisions with vertical rules. At first this seemed like it should be easy. Just draw the vertical stroke and adjust the weight to my preference. However, the columns separated with vertical rules have gutters that appear to be different widths if I set the gutter of columns all to be the same width.


      Should I be using inset spacing to make it even and then make the gutters smaller that do not contain a vertical rule? (the column of text between blue bars)

      I only made the column gutters wide to allow more spacing between the columns and the vertical rule, but the gutter looks smaller. (red bars between columns)


      It also widens the look of the column gutters, if the columns next to the vertical rules have multiple columns. (columns with blue bars)


      Is there another way to add the vertical rules in the gutters without creating this odd spacing between columns of text?


      I am using InDesign CS 5.5