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    Installing Flickr plug-in?


      I'm trying to Authorized Shutterfly and Flickr and neither work...I'm so frustrated, this should just work.  When I hit the authorize button a label briefly (<1sec) pops up and says I'll be redirected, but I'm not.  Nothing happens.  I've been trying to ask for months and this is what I get.

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          You might try this third-party Flickr plugin.  The author has an excellent reputation for maintain his plug-ins (he helped Adobe design the publishing plugin architecture). 

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            nathans51548988 Level 1

            I don't feel real comfortable downloading anything from a site I've never heard of.  Thank you though...surely Adobe has some kind of fix...right?

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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

              Over the past many years I've participated in these forums, Adobe has rarely been helpful in diagnosing problems with publishing plugins having problems authorizing with Flickr, Facebook, etc.  In this case, since there haven't been other reports of problems with Flickr (and my Flickr publishing is working ok), I think the problem is specific to your configuration, and it's very unlikely Adobe will get involved.


              With regards to the plugin, the author Jeffrey Friedl has an excellent reputation, and his plugins are used by thousands of people.  His plugins are mentioned many, many times on these forums -- just search for "Friedl".  From a safety perspective, you'd have nothing to worry about.   And Friedl actively supports his plugins and communicates with his users.